Reddock Consultancies Ltd is at the forefront and is a leader in all aspects of polymer science and engineering technology

We have over 30 years’ experience in supporting the aerospace, automotive, naval and general engineering sectors, examples of the latter being the polymer sheathing of steel ropes and designing and manufacturing composite beams for the electricity distribution industry. Our services range from design and project management through manufacturing and mould tooling to product assurance using non-destructive, typically ultrasound and destructive lab tests using modern sophisticated equipment. We specialize in “Composites” and reinforced plastics in general and advise on certification, material selection, product & process development and new product induction, problem solving, CAPEX and sourcing to mention only a few.

Property Renovation

We can offer a supplementary service generated by the Principal’s interest in the Materials Science issues associated with the construction of, mainly, older properties and damp detection and elimination. We have over 20 years’ experience and use modern damp detection equipment often detecting damp before it can be seen. Our experience has led us  to use Lime Mortar in all but the most structurally demanding situations.


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