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These notes and web pages are for information and general guidance only and are not to be considered as a complete technical description of the subjects covered. Furthermore, due to the nature of old constructions and the large number of variables that need to be considered it would not be possible to form a judgment based solely on these pages. The author and anyone else representing Reddock Consultancies cannot accept liability for the consequences of anyone acting on the information here given

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We can save you lots of hassle and £ thousands in unnecessary damp proofing

Reddock Consultancies provide an advisory and surveying service for the restoration and maintenance of stone and brick construction period properties.  We use the latest high tech equipment to augment and illustrate practice based on years of experience and scientific knowledge, to supply a solution to almost any query be it a case of persistent dampness or a second opinion on a survey for house purchase.

We offer two levels of service:

  1. internet only provides suggestions of likely causes and actions the clients builder should take based on the clients own photographs and descriptions.
  2. site visits where thermography and hygrometry combined with years of hands on experience and a background in scientific research provides a comprehensive report on findings.  This is the preferred and more accurate means of assessing damp and other problems.

Reddock Consultancies professional and independent advice is not compromised by the need to sell products or chemicals and we are not linked in anyway to companies who carry out remedial work.

Thought for today

Breathable water proofing chemicals.This statement is a play on words, if a wall is able to breathe only 1% of it original 100% after the application of a water proofing chemical that chemical application can still be said to give a breathable wall.


We are based centrally in the UK and cover the whole of the country


Watertight Problem Solving For Dry Walls

Reddock Consultancies was officially set up in 2006 by Material Scientist and Mechanical Engineer Eric Reddock. With a strong background in construction and maintenance – having supervised work with his father and grandfather on various properties – Eric’s tangible passion for old buildings and their incorporated components led to the setup of his own surveying and consultancy company.

Eric has over 15 years of research and industry involvement under his belt, reviewing renovations and eliminating dampness in stone and brick construction period properties. This, combined with the skills and expertise gained from his chemistry and material science degrees, enables the educated specialist to assist both house owners and individuals in need advice on the elimation of damp or a second opinion on house surveys.

“Previous cases have proven that scientifically-based assessments are superior in regards to property surveying and consulting; many reports from other specialists have presented incorrect information because the individuals didn’t have the required technical expertise or academic background to successfully identify the problem. It is also necessary to mention that we aren’t concerned with the sale of chemicals or materials, and this is what the majority of housebuilders prioritise.”

Located centrally in the UK and covering the whole of the country, Reddock Consultancies offers two levels of service: internet support and site visit. The online side of the business involves clients sending across photographs and descriptions of their worn-down buildings; overviews which are met with appropriate suggestions of likely causes and subsequent actions that need to be taken.

The site visits, meanwhile, are enhanced with methods of thermography and hygrometry which result in the development of lengthily compiled findings. This is made possible with the utilisation of the latest high-tech equipment, such as infrared cameras designed to accurately measure temperatures from a considerable distance to identify damp areas, not only what can be seen by the naked eye but also unseen problems lurking behind the surface that may have damaging effects if left unattended. This is why we encourage our customers to choose our more comprehensive site visits and surveys.”

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